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        Fireproof materials for cables and cable trays




        Our company's fireproof materials for cables and cable trays are materials wrapped around a cable tray to protect the cable and cable trays from fire attack to keep normal operation for at least 1.5 hours when a fire breaks out. The device is divided into a full-cover fire protection device and a fire protection device with a ventilation module. When the cable load is large, a fire protection device with a ventilation module is needed to ensure that the temperature inside the device does not damage the cable when used. When a fire occurs, the ventilation module can be quickly closed to function as a fire and heat insulation. The main components of the device are: SGC-2 silicon cloth, FF-Z adhesive, FF-M expansion module, FF-T ceramic fiber blanket, FS-E fireproof sealant.


        1. 具有至少1.5小時的耐火極限。

        2. 在地震后能保持完整性,不會因結構失效或跌落損害臨近區域執行安全功能的設備。

        3. 具有優良的彎曲性。

        4. 使用壽命60年,在壽期內的正常運行條件下保持穩定,不發生粉化。

        5. 可以通過膠粘附于鋼、鍍鋅鋼和混凝土等基底上。

        6. 外表面光滑,可進行清洗,不需要附加涂層即可去污,不易刮破。

        7. 具有良好的耐輻照性能。


        1. Fire endurance of at least 1.5 hours.

        2. It can maintain integrity after earthquake, and will not damage the equipment performing safety functions in the adjacent area due to structural failure or falling.

        3. Excellent bending.

        4. 60 years of service life, stable under normal operating conditions during the life, no powdering.

        5. It can be adhered to substrates such as steel, galvanized steel and concrete by glue.

        6. Smooth service, can be cleaned, can be decontaminated without additional coating, not easy to scratch.

        7. Good radiation resistance.


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